Oncology Patient Emergency Network (OPEN)

Since national and personal disasters will always occur, in 2006 the Medical Oncology Association of Southern California (MOASC) proactively developed the operational components of the Oncology Patient Emergency Network (OPEN).

The OPEN program is fully operational with physicians from across the country enrolled, and our website,www.open-central.net, is available for information and registration. To spare the trauma encountered by cancer patients, everyone’s active participation truly will be needed. Your support and participation in OPEN is important.

For additional information, please contact our offices at 800-310-3553 or visit our web site www.open-central.net .



Drug Assistance Information


Novartis Patient Assistance

For additional information visit our web site www.hcp.novartis.com .


Pfizer Oncology

Phone # (877) 744-5675
Fax # (877) 736-6506
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm ET
Pfizer Oncology is committed to helping patient get access to the medications they need. Pfizer Oncology Together helps provide eligible patients with financial support, regardless of their insurance coverage. We have a range of offerings to provide patients with financial support, regardless of their insurance coverage, including:
• Uninsured: Patients who do not have any form of healthcare coverage
• Commercially insured: Commercial, private, employer and healthcare exchange patients
• Medicare/govt insured: Medicare, Medicaid, and other Government insured patients
• We also offer one-to-one personalized office support and education to help office best navigate access and reimbursement issues
Please reach out to your Pfizer Representative for additional details.