TOMORROW, Trends in ROS1 Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Webinar

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  • TOMORROW, Trends in ROS1 Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Webinar  MOASC News/MOASC Programs
  • 7th Annual Oncology Summit & Research Symposium slides MOASC News
  • Nurse Practitioners can practice without physician supervision California News
  • April 1 brings new changes Medicare News/CMS News

MOASC Board of Directors would like to thank those who joined us on Saturday at the 7th Annual Oncology Summit & Research Symposium. MOASC President, Ashkan Lashkari, MD, welcomed the more than 200 in attendance and reviewed MOASC’s continued oncology presence in California. Anthony Nguyen, MD, MOASC Board Member, Program Director and Moderator introduced presentations by physicians: Sumanta Pal, MD, FASCO (City of Hope) GU cancers; Ryotaro Nakamura, MD (City of Hope) CAR-T/Transplant; Amrita Krishnan, MD (City of Hope) Myeloma; Sai-Hong Ignatius Ou, MD, PhD (UCI) Lung cancer; Janice Lu, MD, PhD (USC) Breast cancer  & scientist Trey Ideker, PhD (UCSD) Cancer Cell Map Initiative.  To read more click here and go to MOASC News.

TOMORROW! March 30, 2022, MOASC presents their Lung Cancer Series webinar on the Trends in ROS1 Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. Join us for a lively discussion with Moderator Hatim Husain, MD, UC San Diego and panelists Sai-Hong I. Ou, M.D., PhD, UCI Health and Joel Neal, M.D., PhD, Stanford Health Care. To read more click here and go to MOASC News/MOASC Programs.

California senate president pro tempore Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) has introduced SB 1375 to clarify that NPs who have been practicing for three years or more would satisfy the transition requirement. The Transition Requirement focuses on California nurse practitioners working with minimal supervision in clinical settings under the supervision of physicians for several years, who fully understand the care needs and interventions required to help a patient in their health journey, and can safely practice without physician supervision. If this bill doesn’t pass, the transition-to-practice requirement will then need to be defined by the Board of Registered Nurses (BRN) regulation. To read more click here and go to California News.

CMS introduced bundled payment models over the past decade, including the current BPCI-A (Bundled Payment for Care Improvement – Advanced) program, which has proven effective in reigning in acute episode spending, particularly across post-acute settings where costs have historically been highly variable. CMS has announced they are exploring transitioning the BPCI-A program from voluntary to mandatory participation to expand its reach. In this new whitepaper from Sound Physicians, the authors explore the importance of hospital-physician alignment and the case for making physicians active participants with sufficient incentives to encourage professional stewardship around cost decisions under Mandatory Bundled Payments (MBP). To read more click here and go to Medicare News/CMS News.

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March 29, 2022

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